HUMEN-ART-NATURE by Wanlin Jiang, Gibbons

This project is inspired by my volunteer experience of protecting the skywalker hoolock gibbons, one of the critically endangered animal in Yunnan city. During the time I spent in Xiangbai village, I discovered two things. One was that “some villagers think human is the most dominant animals in the world and they are able to control everything on earth”. I totally disagree with that and hence I made a shadow art installation to satirize that unreasonable opinion.

The second was that "gibbons rescue rely on not only researchers’ effort but more important is to build a better relationship between villagers and gibbons". To build the connection between gibbons and villagers, Cloud Mountain Conservation made the people's theatre as a linkage to connect them which I think this will make the villagers feel proud of protecting gibbons in their hometown.

What I do believe is that art can connect human to nature together.

人類-藝術-自然 by Wanlin Jiang, Gibbons




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