PLANTS ON THE MOVE by Plants, Wanlin Jiang

We often admire plants for their steady rootedness, their commitment to one location. But plants-or rather, forests-are perhaps not the firmly moored and reliable places that we might think they are.

Plants move and reproduce primarily through seed dispersal, relying upon animals, winds, and waters to carry their offspring to fertile soils, where they might anchor into the ground and germinate.

I have made a visualisation from black and white to colour by using the collected plant movement trajectories. At the same time, the combination of etching's textural translations gives more emotional value to these mysterious journeys. This series of prints allows the audience to feel the stories of migration told by the plants through the colours and textures of the images, thus provoking the audience to think about the relationship between humans and plants.

What is the connection between the plants’ migration and the ecological systems and human communities that they are leaving behind? What does the movement of these beings tell us about the present and foreshadow for the future?

Medium: Etching, Plant Sculpture

移動中的植物 by Plants, Wanlin Jiang





媒介: 蝕刻畫,植物雕塑

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