PLANT WHISPER by Wanlin Jiang, Yunling Wu, Plants

Plant Whisper is a collaborative research project by plant artist Wanlin Jiang and artist Yunling Wu, focusing on the visualisation of plants dancing in the wind. (2021–Present)

Collection of images and information -
Analysis of movement points -
Output of dynamic records -
Collation of static visualisations -
Archiving -
Experimentation with derivative art forms.
(Based in Guangdong | China and London | UK)

Curiosity, observation, documentation and archiving of the natural aesthetics embedded in the plants themselves was our starting point, but in one interaction after another, our consideration of the relative relationship between humans and plants continued to evolve.

What do these beautiful poetic and mysterious symbols mean? Are we using human concepts to decode the language of plants in a way that we think is correct? There are still no answers yet. Rather than being the answerer, we offer the perspective of the questioner in the hope of evoking a little thought in the viewer.

Medium: Website, Archive, Book, Experimental Video, Installation
Website: www.plant-whisper.com
Exhibition: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/Kjy2yshMh9OeotjbuGtzyA

植物低语 by Wanlin Jiang, Yunling Wu, Plants


圖像和信息的集合 -
運動點的分析 -
動態記錄的輸出 -
靜態可視化的整理 -
存檔 -
(總部 設在廣東|中國和倫敦|英國)

對植物本身嵌入的自然美學的好奇心,觀察,記錄和存檔是我們的起點,但在壹次又壹次的互動中,我們對人類和 植物之間相對關系的思考繼續發展。


媒介: 網站,檔案,書籍,實驗視頻,裝置

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