PLANT WHISPER x TAOXICHUAN GLASS STUDIO 2022 by Plants, Wanlin Jiang, Yunling Wu

Plant Whisper Installation is hung from the branches of the Runway Tree and consists of 500 unique glass plant-trajectories, real flowers, branches, glass insects and more. It is a 3D plant-trajectory scene. Set in a natural environment, the installation is uniquely placed to include the natural sounds of wind, rain, sunlight, birds chirping, leaves swaying and the sound of viewers trampling on fallen leaves, all of which become an important part of the work. The work reaches the viewer's heart and soul with its all-round impact on the senses of sight, sound, touch and smell.

Time: 01-08 May, 2022
Place: Overpass Tree, Taoxichuan, Jingdezhen, China
Materials: Glass, ceramics, plastic, wood, stone, plants, fishing lines
Website: www.plant-whisper.com
Exhibition Review: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/VUMU4x3PqS3NHJwLA3pXRQ

Special Thanks: Plants, Insects, Taoxichuan Overpass Tree, Taoxichuan Glass Studio, Fuchang Li, Kehai Gong, Ping Zhang, Wendi Xie, Kazushi Nakada, Ying Han, Fei Xia, Jialiang Du, Shengdong Jiang, Moyan Zhao, Honghui Sun, Yuxin Wu, Xuexuan, Hudong, Hanyu, Xiaoyan Zhang, Vanish, Z, Nuoyan Li, Puppy Chuwu, Xiaozhou, Yiran An, Anqi Zheng

植物低语 x 陶溪川玻璃工作室 2022 by Plants, Wanlin Jiang, Yunling Wu


材料: 玻璃,陶瓷,塑料,木頭,石頭,植物,魚線

特別鳴謝:植物、昆蟲、陶溪川天橋樹 、陶溪川玻璃工作室、李富昌、鞏克海、張平、謝文蒂、中田壹誌、韓瑩、夏菲、杜嘉梁、蔣聖東、趙墨研、孫洪輝、吳雨欣、薛璇、湖東、涵宇、張曉研、Vanish、Z、李諾研、小狗初五、曉㑳、安毅然、鄭安琪

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